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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  August 5, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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3 33 heeded to see their dying father... two sisters are bounced off a plane ... for crying!what they're asking the 3 3 3 3 today is friday, august 5th. today is friday, 3 auuust 5th. 3
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3 more than 500 points... investors are still reeling from the dow's worst sell off sincee the 2008 financial crisis. and as we countdown to today's stock market opening, there are signs we haven't seen the worst of it yet. joel d.. smith is live at baltimore's world trade center, with a look at how local investors are andling the 9th biggest point loss ever for the dow. good morning joel d. good morning megan, the sell off might not be over yet.... shares ii tokyo dropped sharply at the start of trading there this morning, downn4% within the firrt 8 minutes of trading here. europe down 2.5%. early on. &p as for our markets, they open at 9:30, but llcals aren't exactly excited about that this morring. &pthere could beemany reasons
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for yesterdays mass sell-off.... the debt ceiling result was better than going investtrs still don't feel - confiieet about the economy right now. at the greetings and readings book steve baum says this all means banks will have an even turn he along with other small buuiness owners will have a tough time expanding any time soon. "if the banks don't lend o small businesses, i can'tt open up another store, another store could mean 50-60 more jobs, so it's a ough situation" situation" so what'' next?? the newwjobs report comes out tte new obs report comes out today, and the news is not expected to be very good. right now the nation's unemployment rate stands at &p9.2%. 3 all of theegains for this year have been wiped out in
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the last 2 at the inner harbor, joel d. smith, fox 45 morning news. 1) are these sings that a double dip recession is looming? theeamerican people are understandably, not happy with what's going on.the daily gallup poll shows just 7 percent of the people believe the econooy is in good condition.the majority... 56 percent say it's in poor shape. , that 80 percent believe the country is heading in the
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wrong direction.14 percent believe we're heading the right way. a controverrial decision... in the case of several baltimore police officers... ccused in the fatal shooting of a fellow offiierr.. and another man. bbltimore's top prosecutor, greg bernstein, says there's imply not enough evidence to prosecute the four officers who firrd those shots... anddsays he believes they acted responsibly during a chaotic situation. situation. the shooting happened back in january... after officers responded to a report of a fight. when police arrived... they found officer illiam torbit junior in plain clothes... his gun pulled... struggling with sean gammle... a 22-year-old un-aared man. berstein says torbit shottand killed gamble.the 4 uniformed torbit... unaware that he was a fellow officer. here's about his decision. 3 "as i said ii the beginning, this case like all our cases will be decided basee on the
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truth and the factt and ouu investigation. and we will be bound by that at all times. it has nothing to do with tryinn to protect anybody." police commissioner are now d requesting that the investigative file be released 3o the public. 3 first on fox... a baltimore city police officer is now under investigation... after a woman claims he tried too sex.tiara maak says she was on grantlee street tuesday... marijuana.she saas he officer cited her... but hinted he wouldn't arrrst her... if she had sex with him in return. mack says the officer gave her his personal phone number... and told her to call him, so they ould meet up.miiutes laterrshe did call... and tiaira: 38:39 question though i ain't trying to do thhs if i don't get my reefer or noohing back, mancop: 38:44 no you're
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going to get everything back relaa .. 49 relax it's not what you're thinking ou're going to get it back /// butt ///51:01 nothing like that ever happened to me. so it's like nowwi got worried about him looking over my shoulder see if he following me 08 08maac was not aarested for drug charges. the incident is internal affairs. an update now... to another story yoo saw first on fox...a teen... ccused in the beating of a transgenderrwoman at a mcdonalds... pleads guilty tooc. happened back n april... at the mcdonalds in rose-dale. you can see the entire beating was captured by surveillance cameras.19-year old teonna brown appeared in court thursday... pleading guilty to first degree assault... and a hate crime.prosecutors says she attacked the victim for using the ladies room. the plea. (22:06:08) (polis) "i was kinda nervous being here today. i really did not wanna come. i still have no comment. i'm gonna lay low and keep my life as normal as p" possible..."brown will be
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sentenned next month.she's expected to get five yeers in jail.last month... a 14-year old also took responsibility for the crime... and is doing time in a juvenile center. the man accused of assaulting a woman after he allegedly hit her car on áeye --83á... arrested 30- year old michael henshaw aad charged him with attacking a woman friday. police found him after several tips were called in from people who saw this sketch. they say henshaw's responsible for hitting the woman's car and assaulting her after he begged her to not call police. oq: arrested him without incide" &pincident."henshaw is n a pennsylvania prison charged with assault and robbery.he wws also driving with a suspended licenss. a warning this morning...on a new phone scam...baltimore county police says someone is calling residents... claiming their annual property taxes are unpaid and delinquent.
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apparenlty, the caller demmnded oney be mailed to them immediately or they would collect the money.officials o senior citizens.they also ng - advise to áneverá give out perssnal and bankinn information to anyyne over the phone! two sisters claim they were kicked off aaplane... because they were átoo emotionaláricci wheatley and robin opperran say they boarded a southwest fllght in burbank... just hourr after learning thier father was dying in sister says she became emotional and was nervous about flying .. and reached out to a flight attendant... asking for a drink .that's she "oh yeah - we're all nervous flyers - and we all need a drink. i just turned around and said - 'excuse me, you don't kkow anything about me and my situation." situation."they thought the
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&pbut when the fllght stopped i oakland... both sisteesswere escorttd from the plane. southwest airlines says the disagreement caused the employee to be uneasy with the sisters on the flight.they were booked on the next flight the following morning.the two say they made it just in time to be byytheir father's bedsidd.the sisters say they dont' want compensation... just an apology. are yoo ready for ssme footbbal?n-f-l pllyers ratified a new collective bargainin g agreement, so it'ss official... the 2011 ... 2012 season will not be canceled.a lenghthhylockout threatened the start of the season.the new 10-year deal allows the league to checkkplayers for human growth hormones... once and appeals process.the esting pre-season starts on august 11th. it's friday and that meens it's your turnnto sound off on our facebook page about anything you want. want.let us know what's on your mind---and your response could air in our "facebook feeddack" segment. segment.just o to facebook
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dot com slash foxbblttmore to become a fan and join the conversstion. coming up on the early edition... is there life on mar? mars?"i think this is the best evidence we have to date datethe stuff scientists have found on the planet... that suggests we're not alone. alone. ((break 1)) ((bump in)) ♪
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3 still to come... if being a homeowner is your dream.. the odds are in your favor.the going rate for a fixed 30 year mortgage. mortgage.pratt says: "i think this is an eye opening discooer" discooery"and new evidence suggests there could be life on mars.the up close and personal proof sccentists say they havee. .next. ((bump out)) ((break 2)) evidence of life on ars?
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not exactly... but researchers say it could be possibll since scientists have discovered what "looks like" water. john fowler reports on what all this could . &pif earth rules work on mars.. where-ever there's liquid water... there's life... look at these sequences of mars close-up seasonal images taken from mars' orbit
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... watch the dark stains come and go... scientists today said analysis shows somethinn is flowing down slopes on mars... christensen says: "i think this is the best evidence we have to date of liquid water occurringgtoday on mars." standup - cientistt say ordinarr water woull boil off, the atmospheric ppessure on mars is too low, seawater think it might be a syrup, - briny and thick like this, still liquid still possiblyy able to support life. pratt says: "i think this is an eye opening discovery" in time lapse... the syrupy stuff seems to seep out of bedrock like this along canyon rims... and now llok at the bottom left... a soggy spot seems to come and go in a gully ootom... they may have found thousands of swimming pools full of syrupy salt water... pparently spread ovvr places where temperatures
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"the combination of the salts and the liquid watee provide the opportunity for organisms to bb viable." perhaps in seasonal marshes... moore says: "we could go andd investigate whether or not there are any processes on the planet." straight ahead... it wws an ugly ddy for the dow. details on the nasty tumble it . took.and kraft... tiies two. the company has split into separate parts... the new divisions.. next. ((break 3)) 3 d97 a major stock plunge
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shockkswall street... and the world. and as ashley webster reports... it's getting cheaper buy a home. home.
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stocks rocked around the world... as investors fearrng the worst for the world's economy. all three major indices in america losing major ground...and all three now into negative territory for the year. stocks all across europe also getting hammered as worriee the debt crisis over there will start spreading. anddit wasn't just stocks getting ssammed. oil prices falling nearly six percent...down to its lowest level since the middle off gold...normally a safe-haven for investors when stocks are dropping...down on thursday. meantime kraft foods is hungry for more business. the company planning on splitting into two separate units.. one focusing on pnack foods...the other on traditional grocery products.. each new company would trade publicly. and it keeps getting cheaper to buy a home. the average fixed percent. that's the lowest level of the year. &p that's business. i'm ashley webster.
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heat and mail orrered prescriptions... can be a bad combination.the sides effects that can cause major damage to your health. & 8ñcñ8ñ8÷ keeping an eye on wall
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stteet what's ehind all the on fox 45 nees at 5:30.3 3


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